How FICO Scores Recover After Negative Credit Info is Purged

Source: How FICO Scores Recover After Negative Credit Info is Purged

9 comments on “How FICO Scores Recover After Negative Credit Info is Purged

  1. Steve cook says:

    Wow! Is there any similar information related to a rise in the in the FICO score following the discharge of Chapter 13?


    • James Spray says:

      As to your question, specifically, not of which I am aware. A Chapter 13 Discharge will drop off the credit report seven years from the date of filing. These charts may provide some idea for you FICO Charts Derogatory Events

      With an aggressive approach to rebuilding credit both during the Plan (varies by jurisdiction) and following the Discharge, one can have 720 FICO Scores less than a year from Discharge. For additional information on rebuilding credit and Chapter 13, you may find my blog titled “Purchase or Refinance During a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy” helpful.


      • Steve cook says:

        Your reply is very much appreciated, and is extremely helpful!

        To clarify, you state that a “Chapter 13 Discharge will drop off the credit report seven years from the date of filing.” In my case the Discharge is scheduled for August 29, 2018, with paperwork to follow and the final Discharge documentation taking place in 60 days or less after that date. My “filing” was August 29, 2013. So . . . any record of my bankruptcy will disappear from my credit report on or around September 2020 based on your information, and my FICO score may be appreciably higher possibly prior to September 2019 following Discharge, since I have established and been paying off monthly on three credit cards (on-time, total payoffs) for the past two years.

        I look forward to any clarification and/or affirmation of the above that you may provide.


        Steve Cook


      • James Spray says:

        Providing your usage on the cards is less than 30% (better 20%) of the available limits, your scores will dramatically improve.
        Correction: The bankruptcy will drop off of your report 10 years from filing. So if you filed in 2013, it will drop off in 2023.


      • Steve Cook says:

        Thank you!


  2. Steve cook says:

    Good Morning! Another follow-up you may/may no be able to advise on.

    My Chapter 13 just ended August 29, 2017. I’m in a position where I need to move out of my rental apartment, and would like to purchase a home rather than rent again. I can cover 20% down within my affordability range. Can you speculate on the likelihood of me getting approved for a mortgage? Also, is there a way to check on my “approximate” FICO score before actually applying for a mortgage?

    Thank you!

    Steve Cook
    West Bloomfield, MI


    • James Spray says:

      First, on the credit score. Only a mortgage lender can obtain your mortgage FICO Score. Before shopping for a mortgage check your credit reports via

      This is the official website as setup by Federal law so consumers may access their reports annually at no cost. Watch out for gotchas. You need not purchase anything. IMHO, the services the bureaus offer are not beneficial for most people.

      Make sure the accounts are reported correctly. There should be no balances owing on the unsecured accounts which were listed in the bankruptcy.

      If you need to dispute any of the accounts, read my blog on credit disputes or credit repair.

      Google: Chapter 13 Purchase James Spray. You’ll find my post quite comprehensive, I believe.

      Next, contact your Chapter 13 Trustee’s office to get a copy of your payment history.

      Now, if everything looks as I discussed in my blog on mortgage purchase or refinance and Chapter 13, contact local mortgage brokers to shop for one of the very few who knows how to get you pre-approved. Not prequanified, but fully credit approved.

      Now, you are ready to start shopping for a property.



  3. Steve Cook says:

    “contact local mortgage brokers to shop for onext of the very few who knows how to get you pre-approved.”

    Thanks for the quick reply! I don’t understand the above copied/pasted section of your response. “onext” . . . typo?


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